High Performance Hosts

A Podcast to Help Airbnb and VRBO Hosts Gather All The Skills to Become Master Hosts

Episode 2: Connect With Your Guests For The Win

Lets talk about the first key to high performance hosting! Attracting awesome guests! When you attract ideal guests that fit your property the better chance your property will meet their expectations and the higher the likelihood of getting a 5 star review! Another bonus? They will probably take better care of your home too!

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  • Episode 13: How to Get Out Of A Booking Slump Or Avoid it All Together August 6, 2019
    High Performance Hosts
  • Episode 12: The key to creating GREAT Guest Experiences July 26, 2019
    Caring about whether a guest is happy and enjoys your property is MANDATORY for a successful rental that can stand the test of time and competition. There are a lot of ways people believe they can ensure that a guest has a great experience but it may not be enough if you aren't doing this […]
    High Performance Hosts
  • Episode 11: how to set competitive rates for your rental May 3, 2019
    In this episode we talk about the 2 biggest keys to setting competitive short-term rental rates. If you're struggling with bookings or you have a hard time filling open gaps in your calendar, this episode can help you make rate adjustments to help!
    High Performance Hosts
  • Episode 10: Operation Get More Bookings - A Case Study April 26, 2019
    In this episode, we go over how we took a property that was hurting for bookings and made transformed it into a high performing machine! Sometimes it just take a little time to crack the bookings secret for your property
    High Performance Hosts
  • Episode 9: Dead Squirrels in Beds and Other Unfortunate Events April 24, 2019
    We open up today's episode with a little announcement and funny story highlighting the fact that sometimes bad things happen and you really can't help it. Then we talk about how to handle unfortunate events in your short-term rental so that you and your guest don't have a bad experience because something went wrong.
    High Performance Hosts
  • Episode 8 - Is it Still Possible to Screen Guests and More April 18, 2019
    Do you wonder with instant booking and everything happening online if it's even feasible to screen guests anymore? We have a few tips to share. We also talk about why it's important to hold your housekeepers accountable and how to have success making your short-term rental pet friendly!
    High Performance Hosts
  • Episode 7: Evaluating Your Short-Term Rental April 17, 2019
    There are 5 steps in laying the foundation for your short-term rental process so that it runs like a well oiled machine. These 5 steps are mandatory to becoming a High Performance Host. In this episode we cover step 1, how to evaluate, what to evaluate and why that information is so important to future […]
    High Performance Hosts
  • Episode 6: We Call BS on 5 Star Reviews! April 11, 2019
    In this episode, we cover the whole 5 Star review obsession from whether or not you deserve them to getting better 5 star reviews then you have right now! Didn't know all 5 star reviews weren't equal? We'll tell you why!
    High Performance Hosts
  • Episode 5: Q&A - Re-investing, Security and More April 9, 2019
    High Performance Hosts
  • Episode 4: Q&A - Fellow Hosts Ask And We Answer March 27, 2019
    Sometimes it's nice to know that other hosts out there are dealing with the same frustrations as you! In this podcast episode, we answer questions from other hosts about listing your property, getting bookings in the slow season, cleaning between back to back stays and more.  
    High Performance Hosts
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