Mark's Story

It’s 2010, I’m one year into managing vacation rentals in Breckenridge, and after our guests leave, the house is trashed and we walk upstairs and the bunk beds are gone!

We find them disassembled in an entirely different room! We have to hire movers to put the home back together, and I’m thinking, “What’s wrong with people?!”

I grew up in Northern Indiana, the oldest of 3 brothers and a sister, and we were raised to make our beds, respect our things, and pick up our stuff. Mom would sometimes say, “Were you raised in a barn?” The house was always neat and clean and we were expected to help keep it that way, every day. So I just couldn’t understand why guests were okay with turning really nice vacation rentals into disaster zones?!

I was at my wit’s end. My wife was swamped in cleaning the aftermath. The nice homes we were caring for were being damaged. And no matter how well we communicated the instructions for the home (written and spoken), the frustrating and annoying questions about wifi, trash, hot tub, garage door opener, and TV remote never stopped.

I knew that if we were ever going to love our work and grow our business, we needed a completely different approach.

The standard, give them a binder and explain everything to them over the phone and at the door, just didn’t work.

So I became determined to figure out a process that fixes all the difficulties. I start by mapping out all the common issues. Then I refine when to say things, instead of just what to say. But my real breakthrough comes when I start telling guests about myself and my relationship to the property – Presto! The more I did that, the more respectful the guests were! That’s when I figured out that creating connection with the guest is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do! Deeper connection with our guests, eliminated our headaches and improved our guest’s experience.

It all evolved into the 5 step process that we love sharing with others. Today, we’ve used the process to serve over 20,000 guests joyfully. And we stopped having to figure out where the bunk beds went!

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