Kristin's Story

It was the end of my first summer in Steamboat Springs, CO! I’d spent the previous months working as a horseback riding instructor and things were winding down.

I’d been on my spontaneous Colorado adventure for a year at that point and I knew it was time to move onto the next chapter. That’s when I landed my job as a Marketing Coordinator for a local property management company here in Steamboat.

Resort town’s are not known for their promising job prospects, so when I got an interview with Mark I was excited. How many people get to find a job in their field of study while continuing to live in vacationland?

As the daughter and grand daughter of entrepreneurs I knew that I wanted to own and operate my own company one day. I had helped start and run small scale creative businesses since college and I was looking forward to coming into a position with room to grow! Part-time quickly moved to full-time and within a year I was promoted to Creative Marketing Director.

The amazing part about joining a small and young company is that I had my hands in it all! Sales to website design and photography to email marketing.

My familiarity with the vacation rental industry ramped up fast! I really began to see all the possibilities for a vacation rental company with cutting edge marketing and so began my quest for knowledge. Mark and I brainstormed, designed, and redesigned our marketing approach. We made mistakes and took dead ends and through it all we learned that no one else in vacationland is thinking about marketing the way we do. That’s when the things we learned about attracting your ideal guest merged with connection and delivery. Everything that Mark, Lauren and I had discovered through experience, testing and research came together to produce the Master Host Formula.

These days my adventure has evolved. I’m excited to share something new, something that I know really helps people because we’ve put it to work in the real world! A vacation home is more than an investment or a luxury, it’s a slice of life in vacationland, it’s memories and quality time and I want everyone to experience that without headaches and struggles!

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