The Academy

High Performance Hosting Membership

The first step in being a successful host is becoming a High Performance Host and you do that by attracting your ideal guest, creating a connection and delivering the experience you promised. 

In the Master Host Academy we provide a new core course each month that helps you master high performance hosting. In addition to a monthly course release we provide other resources like checklists, email templates, and cheat sheets as well as exclusive Q&A trainings. Vacation Rental Hosting is always innovating with new tools, new algorithm’s and new technologies. There’s no end to improving the vacation rental process.

Join the Master Host Academy and learn how to become a High Performance Host. If you’d like to know more about High Performance Hosting and the Academy watch this free tutorial video by clicking the button below!


Master Host Formula

The Short-Term Rental Course

Are you tired of host headaches? Have you found that your vacation rental process needs tweaking so you can get your time back and still make more money? Or maybe, you’re just starting out and need to get that process established so you can use your time effectively while still delivering a great experience? 

That’s why we’ve created our 5-step process called the Master Host Formula. This process helps hosts operate their vacation rental successfully and efficiently. 

Over the past decade we’ve hosted 20,000 guests. During that time, we learned the do’s and don’t of hosting and those experiences have lead us to MHF!

The Master Host Formula helps you discover your process with 5 steps. Once you’ve evaluated your current process and found the holes we help implement changes so you can begin attracting your ideal guests and delivering a great experience.

Do you want more information on the Master Host Formula Course? Schedule a 15 minute discovery call with one of our Master Hosts and we can help you decide whether MHF is the right next step for you! Just click the button below to get on our schedule!


Ultimate Welcome Book

Online Course

The Ultimate Welcome Book Course Package teaches you about the one thing that instantly makes hosting easier! Have you had problems with guests not reading your emails, rules and other documentation you provided for them? Are you tired of being texted over and over about the wifi password?

That’s why we created The Ultimate Welcome Book Course. With experience currently hosting 47 properties and even more than that over the last 10 years, we’ve had plenty of time to test the most effective ways to structure and layout your welcome book so guests read it and digest it. We also give you a few tips on learning how and when to mention your welcome book so guests make it the first thing they look for when they walk into your vacation rental.

In this course package, you’ll receive the page template samples to help you create your own welcome book pages. In the online course, we go over what to say, how to say it and why! Finally, to bring it all together, you will get the leather bound three ring binder and specific welcome book tabs that we go over in the course so that assembling your book is fast and easy!

The STR Host Checklist Pack:
The ultimate starter kit for airbnb and VRBO Hosts!

Get a Housekeeper Cleaning Checklist, the Kitchen Inventory Checklist and the Departure Checklist
that we have used successfully in the homes we host!